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Around the Table

Eating around the table was normal growing up. We always ate as a family. When I was little, it was an everyday thing until it slowly became once a week due to busier schedules. Now that I am in college, the only times we truly eat a family meal together is when I am back from school on breaks. I treasure those moments as I reflect on how quickly times have changed from when I was a child to how it is now. It is during these dinners that we pray, share memories, laugh, cry, and discuss serious matters… just be me.

I reflect on these times and they are cherished. I am forever grateful for these family dinners because it has helped me to get closer to my family and gain a sense of open communication not only with them but with others who have gathered with us around the table. It has molded me into a strong, independent young woman.

While studying, I have noticed how civilizations and ethnic groups make food an integral part of their lifestyles. Often I ponder about the importance of gathering around food with the people you love, particularly family.

Food nourishes the body and encourages social engagement. I have seen how the presence of food can bring groups of people, even strangers, together, and it is a beautiful thing. I tend to have the best memories when an event is around food and I think it has a great significance in life.

Pause for a moment and think about your memories. The joyful ones. The ones that shaped your life. The ones you cherish the most. How many of them happened around the dinner table? Stop for a moment, and recommit yourself to sharing a wholesome meal with someone. Reconnect. Reignite. Restore those relationships. The memories will be worth it.

These get-togethers are what I envision for Santana Jupiter. Providing wholesome meals that bring you and yours together. I hope that our meals will remind you of something from your past, and create a memory in your future. Often we find customers saying how a dish reminds them of something- like their grandma’s cooking or a time when they took a trip abroad- and that warms our hearts. I am sure that a lot of your joyful memories as a child were centered around the table.

We join you to continue creating those memories. At Santana, we consider anyone who walks through our doors family, and we hope to see you soon, sitting around our tables, enjoying a meal with your loved ones.