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Pizza and Petrol started off as just an idea I had with a friend of mine. We both love cars and realized that there was nothing in Jupiter or its neighboring northern counties that really encompassed car enthusiasts’ interests. So we gave it a try one Saturday; pizza slices, drinks, beer, etc. Let’s have fun with it and get to know people in the community.

The first Saturday, a few cars (and drivers) showed up and we had a great time. The second Saturday, we had a lot more cars, including a Lamborghini. By the fourth week the ball really started rolling. People began to see...


We do not have the latest shiny object or new high-tech gizmo to pitch to the market like many other entrants in this ‘Poop to Gold Giveaway’. Our industry was one of those hardest hit during this pandemic. Adding insult to injury, hopes of The American Dream have died. Many local and national brands are going out of business.

We are a Mom and Pop pizza restaurant, a staple to our neighborhood, providing local employment and healthy hot meals for families in our neighborhood. It’s a place where we know everyone’s name, friends and families congregate for dinner, and strangers become...


In 2015, we launched our Take n Bake Pizza. This was developed especially for customers who wanted our pizza on Sundays- the one day of the week that we are closed. Every Monday customers would jokingly complain how they wanted our pizza on Sundays, especially during football season.

If you’ve ever tried making your own pizza, you know the toughest part of homemade pizza is mixing the ideal dough. A dough that is easily stretchable and does not fight with you or leave you with gaping holes in your crust. Our Take n Bake pizzas are particularly useful during these...

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Growing up, it was normal to always gather around the dinner table to eat as a family. When I was little, it was an everyday thing until it slowly became once a week due to busier schedules. Now that I am in college, the only times we truly eat a family meal together is when I am back from school on breaks. I treasure those moments as I reflect on how quickly times have changed from when I was a child to how it is now. It is during these dinners that we pray, share memories, laugh, cry, and discuss serious matters… just be myself.

I reflect on these times and they are cherished. I...

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Italians have a saying, “Tra il dire e il fare c’e di mezzo il mare”, meaning that there is an ocean of difference between saying something and actually doing it.

Over the years we have made huge innovations in pizza making. That’s why we are recognized as being one of the best Pizzerias in the county.

The vision for Jupiter was to bring that same passion and quality to the dinners we serve to our guests.

We set out to prepare and serve the best possible pastas. Unlike other restaurants in the area that use regular mass produced dried pastas, our pasta is never...


Those of you who know Gerard well, you know he calls himself ‘The Sauce Boss’. For well over 30 years he’s been making sauces for family gatherings, BBQ, cilantro vinaigrette dressing,among dozens of other concoctions. At one time he was in discussions with Heinz to license some of his recipes. Try original local foods at our Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter beach restaurants.

If you have eaten wings at Santana you’ve tasted his handy work. He is particularly proud of his latest creation, what he’s named ‘Pirate Sauce’.

It’s slowly becoming the most popular wing sauce flavor on...

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Bring D’Heat was created because of a deep desire to use Trinidad Scorpion pepper in a pizza recipe. So I came up with this bad boy.

When I set out to craft this Trinidad scorpion pepper pizza in Jupiter, I didn’t just want it HOT but instead I wanted the flavor profile of various types of peppers to be tasted on one palette. Not only does it deliver on taste but it is also visually stunning.

The pizza starts with our classic New York Styles pizza crust, then a spicy tomato base with garlic and distilled pepper sauce, is ladled on. Then onions, bell pepper, Jalapeños and...