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Fresh-Made Pastas

Italians have a saying, “Tra il dire e il fare c’e di mezzo il mare”, meaning that there is an ocean of difference between saying something and actually doing it.

Over the years we have made huge innovations in pizza making. That’s why we are recognized as being one of the best Pizzerias in the county.

The vision for Jupiter was to bring that same passion and quality to the dinners we serve to our guests.

We set out to prepare and serve the best possible pastas. Unlike other restaurants in the area that use regular mass produced dried pastas, our pasta is never precooked nor par-boiled. It is cooked fresh for every dinner order. Though it takes just a bit longer, the flavor and texture is unmatched.

Our simple yet delicious recipe consists of semolina, grade A eggs, and filtered water (KISS:) )

Semolina is a traditional, non-GMO flour that’s low in gluten, making it both easy to digest and unparalleled in flavor. Our semolina is sourced from North Dakota, known for producing the best flour in the USA. Eating our pasta leaves you satisfied, not sluggish.

Our ravioli fillings are made from scratch with freshly chopped meats and vegetables. You’ll taste whole, premium ingredients like imported cheeses, Angus beef, and North Atlantic lobster – no preservatives, no filler, no shortcuts.

We use front-to-back bronze dies that are traditional in Italian pasta making. This process makes our pastas more porous and gives it a distinctly hearty and “spongey” texture, resulting in the taste of a truly homemade pasta. When we make pasta this rustic way, it absorbs our sauces and flavors better; making each pasta dish taste that much more extraordinary.

We invite you and your family to experience, “Tra il dire e il fare c’e di mezzo il mare”.