Santana's Take n Bake Pizza

Santana's Take n Bake Pizza launched in 2015. Take n Bake Pizza was made for customers who wanted Santana on Sundays- the one day of the week that we are closed. To this day, every Monday customers jokingly complain about how they wanted our pizza on Sunday, especially during football season.

If you’ve ever tried making your own pizza, you know the toughest part of homemade pizza is mixing the ideal dough. A dough that is easily stretchable and does not fight with you or leave you with gaping holes in your crust. Our Take n Bake pizzas are particularly useful during these current stay-at-home orders. (COVID-19)

We have three options available:

Order from Palm Beach Garden Location

  1. Order it stretched on a one-time-use baking tray. Then, you top it with whatever you have at home (nana’s secret sauce, your vegan cheese, your ingredients).
  2. Order it stretched. We provide your toppings of choice on the side so you and your family can enjoy making it.
  3. Order it fully stretched, prepped, and topped- you just have to bake and enjoy.

The best thing about our Take n Bake is that the entire family has fun creating unique pizzas that everyone will enjoy. Plus, an added benefit is the wonderful aroma of fresh-baked pizzas filling your kitchen with the laughter & memories to last.

In such a time as this, April 2020, activities like this help us to relieve the tensions of the outside world and focus on what matters- family, friends, relationships, and good food. Pick up your Santana Take n Bake today to enjoy with your family or drop one off to a neighbor and their family. Share the joy!

Order from Palm Beach Garden Location

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