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Bring D'Heat

Bring D’Heat was created because of a deep desire to use Trinidad Scorpion pepper in a pizza recipe. So I came up with this bad boy.

When I set out to craft this Trinidad scorpion pepper pizza in Jupiter, I didn’t just want it HOT but instead I wanted the flavor profile of various types of peppers to be tasted on one palette. Not only does it deliver on taste but it is also visually stunning.

The pizza starts with our classic New York Styles pizza crust, then a spicy tomato base with garlic and distilled pepper sauce, is ladled on. Then onions, bell pepper, Jalapeños and banana peppers join the party. A meat of choice is added, sausage, pepperoni or bacon are our guests favorite. The pie is then topped with whole milk mozzarella and sprinkled with smoked dried chili flakes.

It is baked to perfection at 475 degrees and then the final touch, drizzled with generous amounts of Trinidad Scorpion Pepper.

Believe it or not, in Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter this Trinidad scorpion pepper pizza is a customer favorite and has been on our menu for five years. The pepper itself registers on the Scoville heat scale at over 1,500,000 units. Locals have it weekly, and snowbirds try to get their fill of it before heading back north. Its’ great for D’ boys night pizza challenge, add some #12 wings to the party and you’ll definitely have some memorable Instagram and Tictoc post! #santanapizza